Arboriculture Australia

Arboriculture Australia

Arbortech was a founding member of Arboriculture Australia.Arboriculture Australia™ Ltd


Arboriculture Australia™ Ltd is the peak national organisation promoting and representing tree workers, arborists, professional tree management and urban forestry throughout Australia, Hong Kong and the greater Asia Pacific region.

Arboriculture Australia TM aims to:

1. To promote excellence in the care and management of trees.

2. To nurture positive relationships between people and trees.

3. To represent the industry as the peak industry body

4. To stimulate greater community interest in the benefits, planting and preservation of trees in and adjacent to the built environment.

5. To provide arboricultural leadership in Australia and internationally;

6. Educate tree workers, arborists, consultants and tree managers;

7. Promote the benefits of the trees and professional tree care:

  • view economic,
  • view ecological,
  • view environmental,
  • view health and,
  • view social;

8. Promote, develop and improve arboricultural best management practices and standards;

9. Facilitate and disseminate arboricultural research; and,

10. Develop working relationships with related and like-minded organisations.